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About Pat

Welcome Cyber Visitors,

This is the corner of the Internet where you meet me and get a taste of my lifelong passion for food and travel.   Food was a cornerstone of our family life growing up. Breakfast was top of mind first thing each morning and dinner's dessert was the last thing in my head before bed at night.  How I got that way is partially spelled out in the stories and recipes of Food From the Family Tree (see Books) that traces food through 3 generations of my family's cooking.

Early on I also developed a burning desire to travel.  Geography was a constant fascination, and a longtime prized possession was a world atlas won in a high school geography contest. I was determined to get to those pictured countries. The first money I ever earned was spent on travel, nearby trips to start and then farther afield post college.  Over the years I have been fortunate enough to explore the globe not only as an avocation but also as part of a long career in food and travel journalism. Throughout those travels, food for me has been an important window into a country's culture and a path to better understanding its geography, history, and people.

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